Berlin: Tacheles and its summer beach

Sorry, this is another one that has disappeared by now.

Tacheles is a vibrant art centre in the Oranienburgerstrasse in Berlin. It does attract lot of tourists. It’s a sort of alternative classic, but worth it. Artists are at work and sell paintings, jewellery … There’s a lot of lovely graffiti and a nice bar.

During summer there’s also a beach in the garden. Fairy lights, relaxed atmosphere, cheap beer, a nice band … It was a perfect summer evening!

It’s a good example of why I like Berlin so much: Tacheles used to be a nazi prison and now it’s a sort a squat building full of creativity in progress. More about the history is on Wikipedia. It’s meant to be torn down unfortunately … I just love those dualities


Oranienburger Straße 54, 56a

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