Free fun downtown Reykjavík. The best spots used to be Hverfisgata and Klapparstigur, in the so-called Hjartargardurinn which is going to be demolished to become a hotel.

Find Sirkus in Klapparstigur: a little blue house, in the middle of the street between Laugavegur and Hverfisgata, all boarded up. It used to be the cosiest pub downtown where me and many Icelanders spent happy times until it was forced to close. In its backyard  you’ll find lovely street art.

Also next to Kaffistofan at Hverfisgata, there’s a lovely interpretation of Iceland. There used to be a really nice glittery piece of art somewhere else on Hverfisgata, but it disappeared …

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Street art @ Hverfisgata
Street art between Laugavegur and Hverfisgata
An exclusive parking spot guard
I love the gliterry stuff
My favourite … It reminds me of Klimt
Sirkus yard

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