Reykjavík: vintage city

Reykjavík is a vintage walhalla. Expensive, yes, but sooo stylish. The selection happens rather carefully. I never have the feeling they pick some random items out of grandma’s closet.  On another note, vintage seems to be pretty mainstream in Reykjavík. I know no other place in the world where all the vintage shops are in the main shopping street, instead of being tucked away in some dark alley. If you want to experiment with a new style, Reykjavík is the place to be. No one will even look when you’re dressed the way you want to be dressed.

I want the purple and red dress and the green shirt of Nostalgía!

My favourite vintage shops are Rokk og Rósir and Nostalgía. Their selection is rather glamorous and classy. At Rokk og Rósir, you can also find a fine choice of jewelry. Both shops have dresses to die for. Sadly Rokk og Rósir has been closed now. I still regret not buying a yellow dress with pearls, last time I was in Nostalgía. More edgy is longtime vintage shop Spúútnik. They usually have a really good choice of shoes and coats.

Nostalgía, Laugavegur 32a
Spúútnik, Laugavegur and in shopping mall Kringlan

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