Lier: pubs, hard to find good ones, but times are changing

Café Refuge cop. Visit Lier
Café Refuge

Pubs in my hometown. Sigh! Good ones are rare, because most of the pubs in the glorious city of Lier are alike: brainless people listening to brainless music (Skrillex, LMFAO, Pitbull …) in a loungy atmosphere which seems to appeal to the masses these days. Those pubs are even owned by the same people.

But there are exceptions. A classic is ‘t Goed Voorbeeld. How many happy nights I have spent here, drinking mint tea and passion fruit jenever (that’s a local Belgian spirit). I adore this place with its second-hand furniture, brick walls, colourful locals, its relaxed atmosphere and its overall vintage feel. It’s art, history and a lot of cosy warmth in one: ‘t Goed Voorbeeld is my favourite pub. It’s situated in an old brewery, which definitely adds to its charm. Among the regulars are a lot of artists and actors. There’s usually a very vibrant atmosphere (unless it’s 30 °C, then it’s the place to find some peace as you can’t really sit outside). Every once in a while, there are also expositions with art of all sorts of artists (beginners, amateurs, professionals …) which is for sale as well.

  • ‘t Goed Voorbeeld, Koning Albertstraat 8, Lier

Another favourite of mine is Café Refuge, yet relatively new. It’s the ideal bar if you want to talk to your friends. The music is great and varies a lot, but it’s not too loud: jazz, oldies, rock … They have a good selection of beer and tea. And it’s an ideal spot to lunch. Their croque monsieur is great as well as their bagels. The pub is in a house which used to belong to the refuge of the abbey of Tongerlo. A refuge was a place where travellers could rest between two abbeys.

For cocktails, Café Latino is the place to be. It’s at the Zimmerplein where most pubs are found. Café Latino provides an instant holiday feeling. And the best mojito in town. The owners are very passionate about Latin-America. I love their tapas and their cocktails (both alcoholic as well as non alcoholic). Tip from a pro: it’s the only spot where you can find a spot outside on a sunny Sunday afternoon. That is if you arrive at 14h, when they open. But be quick, because only then are you likely to find a seat outside.

  • Café Latino, Zimmerplein 9, Lier

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