Antwerp, Brussels: Urban Outfitters

A quirky present or hipster clothes? Designer stuff or cute jewelry? Urban Outfitters is the place to be! I buy stuff in their shops as well as online. Online the choice is more elaborate. I mainly shop during sales as clothes tend to be too expensive compared to their quality. Yet Urban Outfitters are great in spotting trends. And in every item the sell, the key word seems to be rock ‘n’ roll, whether it’s nail varnish or one of their great Vivienne Westwood items.

I always happen to buy great stuff there during sales: a few Sessun dresses for 25 euro, rubber stamps, mugs, presents for friends … I adore their choice of house ware and party items. And their books are great. It’s always the stuff I’m looking for and that I don’t find anywhere else: cook books from hipster bakeries, books about urban gardening, about fashion and vintage …

A few years ago their first Belgian shop opened in Antwerp in a shopping mall called Stadsfeestzaal. It’s a lovely place. This neoclassical building used to be a party, exposition and  conference building, but it burnt down in 2000 (just a few months after I was there for a party). It was rebuilt and the shopping mall opened in 2007. The interior is stunning: gold foil, ornaments, statues, the stairs … It was rebuilt as it was in the old days.


In Brussels Urban Outfitters is in an old fancy house as well. I don’t know whether this is their policy, but I love shopping in these lovely buildings.

  • Urban Outfitters, Meir 78, Antwerpen
  • Urban Outfitters, Place Stéphanie 6, 1050 Brussels

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