Strasbourg: duality and fab food

Houses in Straatsburg

Duality. It’s something I love when travelling. Berlin: east vs. west. Iceland: volcanoes vs. glaciers. Brussels: impoverished places vs. grandeur. Is it my Belgian roots? Something I grew up with? So it was no surprise that I liked Strasbourg last March, in the French region Alsace. Bone of contention between Germany and France for ages, it combines the best of the two countries: food, wine, stylishness, big portions in restaurants … This duality is something which is reflected in the local architecture as well: sophisticated, cute French houses have German countryside inspired neighbours. The Petite France area is really cute and reflects the duality very good.

Houses in Straatsburg

Gorgeous cathedral


What impressed me most, was the Gothic cathedral. We were there at sundown, the sun was shining, which did justice to the beautiful rosace. The glass stained windows were very pretty as well. The outside of the cathedral is just as fabulous: all the little ornaments, the gargoyles, the colour of the stone …

cathedral details

We visited a few museums. Le musée Alsacien was nice. It gave a good overview of the way people used to live in the region. It was a house with rooms as they used to be: bed room, kitchen, central room … It was a good, but not an outstanding museum, even though it got really raving reviews on Trip Advisor. The back-then-boyfriend-now-husband and I think the reviews may have been written by nostalgic retired people. If you like toys, the toy collection was really good.

The art museums then. We went to le musée d’Art moderne et contemporain and le musée des Beaux-arts. Both museums have work by renowned artists, but it’s never their best work. What we did like was the temporary Gustave Dorée exposition at Mamcs.

Love at first sight

The one museum we’d go again is the musée historique. Let’s face it: the subject seemed a bit boring at first: the history of Strasbourg. But we spent three hours in there without being bored at all. Because we could discover the history in an active way. I was wearing a medieval helmet, a hat the local women used to wear …

We’ll be back

Strasbourg is definitely a perfect short holiday destination. Lovely, picturesque and most of all: French food combined with German portions. I still dream of dessert assiette mixed  which contained cake, mousse, ice cream … for a family of five. Happy days. The good thing is: one of my friends moved to Strasbourg, so we will be back!


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