Vancouver: welcome to food heaven

Beetroot risotto
Beetroot risotto, Al Porto restaurant, Vancouver

Aaaaa, our honeymoon … Foodies as we are, we happened to pick the perfect destination: Vancouver. With all its food trucks and amazing (Asian) restaurants, it was the perfect spot for us.

Best thing we did, better than our cruise to Alaska, was the …

Vancouver foodie tour

DSC_2334Sometimes we are such lucky bastards. We had Nadia, the chef who guided us, all to ourselves (the previous group who took the Guilty Pleasures Gourmet tour included twelve people). The tour took us to five places where we could taste 14 servings.

Nadia, our guide, is a private chef who was more than passionate about food and who used to work in a few really fabulous restaurants in Europe. She shared both restaurant and recipe secrets (eg. about mashed potatoes) with us. We did have a wonderful afternoon, talking about food, tasting food and discovering Vancouver’s hidden (food) secrets.

We met at Kirin, a Chinese restaurant, that won the award for best Dim Sum six consecutive years. Oh my, that was the best two pieces of Dim Sum I ever had: one with pork meat and one with delicious sticky rice in a I don’t know which leaf.

Then we headed to Urban Fair, a gourmet specialty supermarket. We got Gouda cheese and a chocolate. We returned afterwards to get us some maple syrup, coffee, chocolates … It made some great souvenirs. Next was Italian Kitchen, where we had burrata with tomatoes and meatballs. Both very delicious. Better than in a lot of places in Italy. Next stop was Hubbub, a lovely gourmet sandwich place, where we had a pork pulled sandwich. The bread (a secret recipe I was told) was just to die for, so nice and crispy.

Nadia saved the best for last: icecream in la Bella Gelateria. The owner James Coleridge is an award winning ice cream maker, who even beat Italians in important competitions. Beste thing was: we could skip the queue of 50 people. Nadia made us guess the flavours: raspberry (yummie), salted caramel (mmmmm) and the last one was was difficult. We knew it was chocolate, but there was something special to it. It turned out to be a sorbet, so there was no milk in it. It just blew me away as it was a very chocolaty icecream nonetheless.

Gotham: best steak and key lime pie ever

This steakhouse was a recommendation of the Foodie Tour people. We arrived completely underdressed in this steakhouse after a day of hiking in Lynn Canion, but the staff was super friendly. “You must be hungry after today”, and we could have dinner in the less formal part of the restaurant. Gotham looked like a combination of a goth cave and Fangtasia, the bar of Eric in True Blood, so it was the perfect setting.

Kristof and I shared the Porterhouse steak. Oh. My. God. This was the best steak I have ever had. It just melted away in my mouth. As we had some time before the next tour, we spoiled ourselves with a key lime pie. Another Oh. My. God. Kristof looked at me and said: “Sorry darling, but your strawberry cheesecake is no longer my favourite dessert ever.” And he was right …

Food truck festival

Foodtruck festival
Foodtruck festival

Lonsdale Quay is your place to be on Friday evening. The food trucks you see in the city gather on the quay and you can savour your food on the pier with a splendid view on the city. I also thought the seabus that took you to the place quite funny.

The choice is excellent. I had a Tobago wrap from the Carribean food truck and Kristof tried Libanese food. There was plenty more: Eastern European, Australian, Argentinian, tea, fresh limonade … It draws a lot of young families, yet the athmosphere is really nice and relax.

Jang Mo Jib

There’s a first time for everything: in Vancouver, we went to a Korean restaurant, Jang Mo Job. Spicy and I don’t go together so well, so I took the non-spicy food. My my, the food was delicious, BUT I was sweating all over my face after a few bites. Kristof wanted to take medium spicy, but the Korean waiter advised him to try the little spicy first. So the staff gives you good advice. The place was packed with Korean and Asian people, so that is usually a really good sign. I definitely want to try Korean food again.

The Belgian obsession

You’d think the other side of the world doesn’t know Belgium, but how wrong we were. Belgian waffles, Belgian chocolate, even a thing called Belgian breakfast. It seems to be some kind of a quality mark. I honestly wouldn’t know what to answer if someone asked what a Belgian breakfast is about, but hey … It seems to be a combination of a French and an English breakfast. And savoury Belgian waffles aren’t exactly commonplace here, are they?

Belgian breakfast
Belgian breakfast

2 Replies to “Vancouver: welcome to food heaven”

  1. I think the Belgian waffle house you mentioned is named La Petit Belge.. or at least that is a picture of their menu 🙂

    1. I remember that name. We thought it quite funny that some places had Belgian in their name 🙂

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