Iceland: Berserkjahraun, in the name of love

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Berserkjahraun is one of the most beautiful lava fields in Iceland I have seen so far. And when my friends and I went there, we were the only ones there (except for a road worker).

The moon like rugged landscape is amazing. The lava field lies between the mountain slopes and the sea, a little off-road.

88_berserkjehraunAll out of love

And I love the story behind the name, as found in the Eyrbyggja Saga.

After a trip to Norway, farmer Vermundur the Slim brought two Swedish beserkers with him, Halli and Leiknir, two violent fighters, to work on his farm. He couldn’t keep them busy enough to stop them from fighting and killing.

Styr the Slayer, his brother in Bjarnarhöfn, took them off his hands. Halli fell in love with the Styr’s daughter. Desparate and not knowing what to do, Styr asked the local chieftain in Helgafell Snorri Goði for advice.

Mission impossible

The daughter must have been really beautiful, because Snorri also liked her more than he should. Instead of -maybe- just asking her opinion, he came up with a plan. He told the girl’s father to set the beserker an impossible task.

Styr thought long and hard. He told the beserker that he could marry his daughter when he would clear a passage through the lava field, building a boundary fence across it, and a sheep pen. An impossible task, for normal people.

But of course, the beserkers managed to do so. But as Styr wanted Snorri to marry his daughter, he trapped the beserkers in a sauna and murdered them.


Route 558, 15 km west of the intersection of route 54 and 58.

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