Manchester: Abel Heywood Boutique Hotel and the Northern Quarter

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Even though our time in Manchester was short (less than 24 hours), I would like to feature it here. When we arrived at the airport, we were very lucky to have taken a prepaid taxi. The guy at the desk copied the address incorrectly, so we got to see far more of the Mancunian suburbs than we had planned. I was like: this doesn’t really look as the hipster part, does it? But we ended eventually up in the Northern Quarter as we were supposed to.

Abel Heywood Hotel
Abel Heywood

We stayed at the Abel Heywood Boutique Hotel which pleased us a lot. Abel Heywood was a Victorian mayor, and the Mancunian publisher of The Poor Man’s Guardian and even some local travel guides. The hotel provided us with an off the beaten track travel guide of Manchester. The rooms have a huge picture of Manchester by night and is a mix of industrial and boutique. The bed was awesome. I loved the tiles in the bathroom as well.


Northern Quarter

Manchester seems a lovely place, but they are refurbishing the whole town it seems (for the metro I think). We did like the neighbourhood of our hotel a lot. The Northern Quarter is the place to be thesedays. There is a nice vibe, cool street art and nice places to eat. I just followed the recommomendations of Adam, Elly’s friend and they were great! We had dinner in TNQ, which was great. I loved the the asparagus veloute as well as the sticky toffee pudding, another British classic I had never tried before.

For breakfast, we went to Home sweet home. I tried something really weird: sweet waffles with bacon and blueberries. I must admit it was much nicer than I had thought 🙂 And I had a fabulous Oreo milkshake.


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