Leeds: a proper Sunday roast at the Adelphi

sunday roastDuring our last trip to England and Scotland I finally tried a few British classics such as treacle tart and sticky toffee pudding. As we were in Yorkshire and because we are huge Saturday kitchen fans, my friend Elly took us for a proper Sunday roast to the Adelphi in Leeds. It’s a really lovely classical British pub. The people working there are really relax and laid-back. It was a great way to finish our two days in Leeds.

Kristof and I both chose a pork Sunday roast. 
We had a proper Sunday roast at the Adelphi as we never had one before. With gravy and crackling. James Martin would be proud of us. I loved the crackling and the Sunday roast was great.

30_hetfront tegen hipsterbierKristof and I don’t agree about the concept of Yorkshire pudding though. I thought it was okay, Kristof thought it was superfluous. But we both agreed that it wasn’t as special as we believed after seeing many episodes of Saturdag Kitchen. I bet James Martin will be less proud of us now 😉

Kristof had a proper hipster beer there, Smog Rocket. This beer should ‘remind people of the smoke stacks of industrial London’. He liked the beer a lot, but couldn’t get his head round the fact that he got canned beer, which remains a mortal sin for most Belgians.

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