When I was a kid, waterfalls fascinated me. I don’t know why because we don’t really have much of them in Belgium. Maybe it is because in books and films, main characters always discover amazing things behind waterfalls: mystery treasure caves, paths to strange fairytale worlds no normal human being has ever been to, other dimensions … I never found a whole new world, but my beloved Iceland is a very good destination to spot really nice examples as there is basically a waterfall around every corner.


Most tourists will go to Gullfoss (above) and Skógafoss, and I think they are amazing. I even blogged about Skógafoss as it is a classic with a hidden gem nearby. And the violence with which the water of Gullfoss tumbles down is simply impressive.

But Iceland has other amazing waterfalls as well. Here are my favourites, although  I must admit there are still a few on my to do list.

Barnafoss and Hraunfossar


Hraunfossar (lava waterfalls) and Barnafoss (children’s waterfall)  in the neighbourhood of Reykholt, are two very different waterfalls, yet both very pretty. I discovered them back in 2002 during a trip with my friend Manuela. Back then, as far as I can remember,  it was still pretty rough over there. Now, there are walking paths and several vantage points. You can cross a bridge to get to the other side of the waterfalls, where you enjoy a really nice view on the neighbouring area.

Along route 518




DAG515 (134)

DAG515 (138)

Góđafoss or the waterfall of the Gods is another favourite of mine. We saw people climbing everywhere. Brrrr. You’ll find it on the way from beautiful Mývatn to Akureyri.



A lot of tourists will stop by this waterfall, as it’s on the way to Skógafoss. The fun thing is that you can walk behind it. I have never done it as I am too scared to lose my balance, but it looks amazing. Make sure you take rain clothing or dry clothes with you, because you can get pretty wet.



My friend Manu and I camped in the Skaftafell nature park in 2002 which was awesome. We did a few hikes and saw three lovely waterfalls. Svartifoss is the most famous one as the maker of Hallgrimskirkja found his inspiration in the basalt colons which character this lovely waterfall.

Twe two others are Hundafoss and Þjófafoss.

Do you need more inspiration for your trip to Iceland? Check all my posts!

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