Iceland: best restaurants on the road

Food was a really important issue during our Icelandtrip in 2012. When driving the ring road, you need to plan ahead.  ‘What are we going to eat?’ or ‘Where is the next opportunity to have dinner?’ were questions that popped up regularly. Sometimes we drove for a couple of hours without encountering a proper place for food. Normally we don’t do that. I must admit that I was really surprised at the exquisite quality of the food we had during our road trip. I was expecting it to be much less.

The best thing our travel companion G and I ate was a creamy Skyr ‘volcano’ dessert in Pakkhús in Höfn. It was mouth-watering both for your taste buds and your eyes. It had grey-green coloured meringue to resemble lava rock and ‘running lava’. The tops of the bill were the added pop rocks that created little explosions in your mouth. It caused a lot of laughter and joy! I never met a dessert that had this effect.

The volcano Skyr dessert
The volcano Skyr dessert

Another restaurant I’d love to eat again, is Salka in Húsavík. I had lightly salted cod, cooked in two ways with mashed potatoes and yellow beetroot. Served with radishes, vanilla infused cod sauce and crispy rye bread. I must say it was delightful. My fellow travelers were utterly delighted with the pan-fried arctic charr spiced with homemade herb tea, served with potato purée, poached egg, fried mushrooms, sausage, green cabbage and nuts.

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