Iceland: Grábrók, a stunning lavafield

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Grábrók is a lavafield next to the N1 near Bifröst. It’s easy to climb because there are stairs. The view from the top is simply stunning and I just love lava, especially when it’s covered with moss.

Grábrókargigar are three craters that are the result of a volcanic fissure eruption almost 3000 years ago. There is Stóra Grábrók, Litla Grábrók and Grábrókarfell. Litla Grábrók had almost disappeared due to mining activities before the area got protected in 1962.

The Grábrókargigar are the most eastern craters of the Ljósufjöll volcanic system, part of the Snaefellsnes volcanic zone. In the west ot stretches as far as Berserkjahraun, which my friends and I visited as well.

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