Iceland: The secret lagoon in Flúðir

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One of the best outdoor pools I have been in, is the old swimming pool or Gamla Laugin in Flúðir. It reopened in 2014 as Secret Lagoon, after decades of disuse. And that’s a shame. The water is lovely and hot, due to the little geysir next to it, which erupts every five minutes. That causes really hot water to flow in the pool. We loved floating around in the water with those lovely noodles that were lying next to the pool under our arms and bums.



The pool was made in 1891, and was the first swimming pool in Iceland. From 1909 on, people could take swimming lessons.In 1947 a new pool opened in and the pool fell into disuse.

Then in 2005 the owner started using it again, as the Icelandic Times writes. At first only he and his friends used it, hence the name Secret Lagoon. But now it has reopened after renovation, with modern facilities: a changing room, showers, an outside deck … And the colourful noodles of course.

After our swim we walked around the pool to the geysir, but my camera refused to behave so I don’t have good pictures of the erupting geysir. There are a few natural hot bubbling pools around the pool, where people used to do their laundry back in the days.



Vaðmálahver hot spring lies next to the pool. People used it for washing their clothes back in the old days.

Secret Lagoon, Hvammsvegur, 845 Flúðir.

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