The volcano Krafla was one of the most impressive things we saw. The crater with the bright blue water, the thin hot earth, the colours … We walked through the lava there which meant crossing some mental borders for me, but it was worth the fear (and hey, if you see a three year old kid do it ahum …). Warning: I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

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DAG515 (121)

DSC_0074DSC_0092DSC_0142DSC_0082DSC_0128DAG515 (133)DSC_0105DSC_0083DSC_0095DSC_0103DSC_0108DSC_0125DSC_0091DSC_0106DSC_0131DAG515 (130)DSC_0139KraflaDAG515 (120)DAG515 (132)DSC_0136DSC_0145DSC_0135DAG515 (131)DSC_0143DSC_0096

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