As if I were on another planet, that’s how I felt in Mývatn, definitely the most beautiful area we visited during our Iceland road trip in 2012 . There is something special in the area: the crust of the earth is really thin, steaming fumaroles venting through, the smell of sulphur, impressive lava fields everywhere …


Centre of the region is the lake. Ten thousand years ago it was covered by ice, but then fierce volcanic eruptions destroyed it.The subglacial explosions also formed the flat-topped mountains, south of the lake called móberg. You can read more about the geology of the area on this page.

There are a few very nice spots in the area which I will write about in separate posts, as there are way too many pictures I want to share.


One advice: start your quest in time. Back in 2012, there wasn’t enough accomodation in Mývatn for all the tourists it seemed. So even in February when I looking for a place to stay: hotels and guesthouses were already pretty expensive.

My solution was: Húsavík, a town three quarters away from Reykjahlíð. We rented a room in a guesthouse called Visir on top of a fish factory. My travel companions were a bit suspicious, but the place was great: no noise, no smell, amazing views, a big common room all to ourselves and in the middle of the harbour.


DAG515 (108)

If you’re in the area, you don’t have that many options to eat. We commend the Vogafjós cowshed café: plenty of food, fresh milk from the cows (you can look into their stable from the café) and a most lovely view on Lake Mývatn.

DAG515 (110)

More info? There is an information centre in Reykjahlíð, next to the Samkaup supermarket. Or go to

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