Berlin: Asian style restaurants

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Berlin is a restaurant heaven: you can choose whatever cuisine you want, it’s delicious and it’s cheap or at least very affordable. If you don’t know where to start, the one food bible we take our inspiration from is Berlin Foodstories. Food expert Per claims: “I have a strict philosophy where I visit all restaurants anonymously on multiple occasions and where I pay for my meals before I write about a restaurant.” Up till now, he has never disappointed us. Anyhow, these are my favourite Asian restaurants.

  • Si An, Rykestrasse 36

    My favourite restaurant and a reason to go back to Berlin. It’s a Vietnamese restaurant and it’s amazing. Their pho, their starters … I can’t get enough of it. Sitting outside on a lovely summer evening with a bowl of Vietnamese luxury, it doesn’t get better than that!


  • Shiso (Berlin)
    The Korean fusion style burgers at Shiso Burger in Berlin are great! Burgers with an Asian twist cannot but appeal to me, I admit, but these were great (I took the cheese burger and the salmon burger)! The good news is: they are rather small, so you can try at least two different kind of burgers. We had dinner here in the evening, but I’d rather visit this place at lunch again.

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