Snaefellsnes is my favourite part in Iceland. Especially when the sun is shining, it’s stunning! The dramatic sea cliffs, the volcano-glacier in the middle, the beaches, the ocean …

Even though it’s close to Reykjavík, it usually overlooked by foreign tourists. When we were there during the busiest touristical weekend in Iceland, the people we encountered where all Icelandic.

I don’t have pictures of Stykkishólmur, the largest town in the area, as I only visited it properly back in 2002 (camping outside by minus 1; brrrrr), but it is really lovely! The only pic I took in 2013 was this stunning view, right before we entered the town.



I can’t remember where it was exactly that our guide made a fellow student cry, back in 2002. Was it Arnarstapi or Hellnar? Unintentionally of course.

He was showing us the area is a special place for psychics. He tested a dowing rod on extraverted and shy people. It was moving when he pointed it to the extraverted person and it didn’t move at all when he did the same in front of the Asian girl.

The poor thing started crying. Little did our guide know she was a perfectionist and was retaking her course in Icelandic because she only had 18/20 on the first exam … Ans she didn’t realise he was probably faking it (he was very convincing I must admit)



Anyway, back from memory lane to Arnastappi. This is Gatklettur, one of my favourite rock formations in Iceland.



The monument on the next picture is a tribute to Jules Verne.


We also took a snowcat trip to the top of Snaefellsnesjökull. You can read about that here.




A lovely church and a lovely golden beach beach. Sometimes people elope to this place for their wedding. And I can totally get that. Apparently there is a really nice hotel as well, but I have never been there.



Nicknamed the elf parliament and the elf church. I seem to have lost my pictures from when I was near them, so I can only show them from afar. I need to go back 😉


Lovely small town, situated in a very nice bay. I love Kirkjufell, the nearby mountain. The views on the surrounding landscape are simply stunning. My friends and me were there in October and I really loved the athmosphere of this village: very relaxed and laid-back.



Berserkjahraun is one of the most beautiful lava fields in Iceland I have seen so far. And when my friends and I went there, we were the only ones there (except for a road worker). I did a separate blog post about this lovely spot.




I just can’t declare my love for this beach enough. My favourite in the world since I visited  it for the first time back in 2002. And even more since my husband chose that place to propose. You can read about the beach in this post.


Do you need more inspiration for your trip to Iceland? Check all my posts!


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