Reykjavík: my favourite restaurants

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Picture by Sushi Samba

Reykjavík is a great place for food. It has a lot of cuisines you can choose from. So skip those awful hotdogs and have some decent food. [I don’t know why I never liked those immensely popular hotdogs. I guess there may be lamb in them.]


My favourite restaurants are:

The one place I definitely go to when in Reykjavík. If I had one night in Reykjavík, I would go to this place. They offer both Japanese and South American dishes. I adore their sushi. Slightly spicy, but not too hot. My friend Lindsay had coriander chicken breast and that tasted great too.

I have got one remark though, on behalf om my friend G. They used to have a great pop rock cocktail which they took off the menu. They should bring it back for her.


  • 12219546_10153175792496845_3505510943941139726_nEldsmiðjan,
    • Bragagata 38A
    • Laugavegur 81
    • Suðurlandsbraut 12

Restaurants come and go in Reykjavík but this one has been around for a very long time.The Bragagata Eldsmiðjan was already there during my Erasmus in 2002. It was one of the few times I allowed myself the luxury of dining out. Even my four Italian housemates really liked this place.

This Italian place is really cosy and they do great pizza.Last time (2015) I had a delicious Quatro Stagione (the one on the crapy picture :))

12191042_10153177170616845_7789921657581714099_nEven though I am a Belgian, I don’t like chips. I did like the fish and the skyronnaise dip the first time I went there. In 2015 (in their new place) I had langoustines and they were simply amazing. The friends who joined me  weren’t overwhelmed by the way the fish was prepared, so I have to go there again next year and try it.



I have a soft spot for Hressó or Hressó Hressingarskálinn It isn’t haute cuisine, but they do great food that fits a perfect Iceland Airwaves evening (burgers, tacos, nachos). I haven’t been there in a while as it wasn’t a proper Iceland Airwaves venue last year (or I just didn’t go there, can’t remember), but it’s on next year’s to eat list.


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