Brussels: Trainworld or the mystery of the white house between the concrete pillars

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withuisTrainworld is a train museum in Schaarbeek, a borough in Brussels. It’s a fairly new museum and I witnessed how it came about during my daily commute between Lier and Brussels.

There was something odd though. There was a house amidst the concrete pillars. I often wondered about it. Why was it still there? Would they demolish it later?

I kind of forgot about it until I came across the house in Trainworld. So the answer to my questions is no. Actually the house used to belong to someone of the railway staff who guarded the crossing. They built the museum around the house so it could become an artefact, as the job of guardian no longer exists.


echtoudetreinIf you like trains, this museum is fab. There are some really old locomotives in there. We did a guided tour and got quite some technical details. So if you’re into that, it’s the thing to do.

Personally, I am usually not into that stuff, but the old trains are beautiful, so the museum is worth a visit.


First train

The first train in Belgium went in May 1835 from Brussels (Allée Verte, not to far from my office) to Mechelen. I was pretty amazed at how fast those cokes trains can go. 120 km/h apparently. They didn’t go that fast though as they were afraid people would be scared.


Royal train


The luxury trains were a part that interested me very much. They made me want to travel.

I wouldn’t mind travelling the old royal train. It was beautiful. Unfortunately we couldn’t enter it.

I also loved the trains that had their interior designed by the famous Belgian architect Henri Van de Velde.


I love d all the artefacts. I don’t know what the first thing is for, but the second picture is a ticket machine?

The museum is pretty dark but at the back is a large window where you can see the trains passing. History continues outside



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