Brussels isn’t easy to love, but in the past few years, new lovely lunch and coffee places are sprouting everywhere.

I already wrote about my favourite spots in my current office neighbourhood in the Northern quarter, but occasionally I end up somewhere else, such as the lovely area of the Sablon or Zavel in Dutch.



Jat is Flemish dialect for cup. This coffee/lunch place serves bagels and salads, as well as cake, juice, smoothies and coffee. I had a delicious bagel with chicken and cheddar, my friend Rein chicken and truffle . As the weather was warm, I also had a delicious frappe chai.

I’m definitely going back, because it seemed really cosy inside. Seems like an ideal place to snuggle up with a book in winter!


Pistolet Original

img_20150826_123156.jpgPistolet is on the other side of Sablon. When I’m at Sablon, I always have to resist entering Laduree who have an extremely pretty shop there and of course gorgeous macarons.

Pistolet Original serves -tadaaa- pistolets and they are very delicious. Pistolets are a typically Belgian crusty bread roll. I had one with saumon and cucumber salad and one with meat salad which was great.

Something else I recommend trying when in Brussels, is the local cream cheese. Pistolet Original has a pistolet with the cream cheese, radish and onions.

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