Vietnam: cooking with Ms Vy

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Another highlight of our Vietnam trip was our cooking class at Ms Vy’s Market Restaurant.


First we got a guided tour in the restaurant which consists of a variety of streetfood stalls. I got to try to make a Banh Mi sandwich, which wasn’t easy. I definitely have to work on my bread skills.


Kristof tried to make rice noodles, but that wasn’t easy either. Our guide Bo (who had the sweetest smile ever) also showed us how to cut a banana flower, an ingredient which is being used a lot in Vietnamese cuisines and which was a discovery for me.


Other things they make at Ms Vy’s Market restaurant:white rose dumplings, rice paper, pho, Hoi An pancakes …

Trip to the market


169e_marktA trip to the market with someone who works in a restaurant is extremely interesting. I learned quite a lot during this trip. We started off in the fish section, visited the herb and fruit section, the non-food area and the meat area.

They also showed us(very cleverly) the utensils they use to slice their vegetables julienne-style and a knife to cut lemongrass (which we could take home after the class). Boi taught us which herb you can use for what. Ginger is good for when your stomac is upset eg.

Cooking class


173_kooklesThen it was time for the real deal: our cooking class. The first dish was a soup with cabbage leaf shrimp parcels to impress your Vietnamese mother-in-law. That’s a least what our teacher told us half-jokingly.

We also made chicken skewers which they grilled for us. This was accompanied by a really good mango salad. I think what I miss the most about Vietnam is all those lovely salads.

A last thing we prepared was a Hoi An crispy pancake. This required some skill because you had to flip the pancake a little back at some point.

After we ate what we cooked, they gave us some fabulous lemon grass icecream

 Do you want to discover more about Vietnam? Read what we did.


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