Vietnam: Vespa food tour in Ho Chi Minh City

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‘Great, isn’t it’, Kristof shouts at me while his driver overtakes mine. ‘You can just relax and have a look around.’

‘Mmmm, the only thing I see, is the back of my driver’, I shout back, utterly uncomfortable, holding on tightly. Not that I have a bad driver, on the contrary, but we are doing the craziest food tour ever. On the back of a motorcycle. Amidst the crazy traffic in Ho Chi Minh. Kristof’s favourite thing of our Vietnam trip.


Unusual places

We start our Vietnam Vespa Adventures tour in their own Vespa-themed Zoom café where we are welcomed by our very lovely guide with drinks. I forgot to write down her name unfortunately. She tells us about Vietnam and the first thing I learn is that the Vietnamese still call Ho Chi Minh City Saigon.

The good thing about this tour? You get to see parts of the city you normally wouldn’t end up in, from local food streets to hidden bars on first floors.



Then we cross the river and go to a place where we sample some fish dishes. Crab, clams, and for the very first time in my life: mussels I like. They have barbecued the mussels which gives them a grat flavour.

The great thing is having our guide with us. We find out what we have been eating the wrong way. Clams eg. I love the fact that she is teaching us how to eat properly.

For the first time during our trip, we get to try something unusual: frog. Hai, our guide in Hanoi told us it’s something the Vietnamese eat a lot.  I like it. It kind of tastes like chicken.



Next stop: Banh Xeo 46A for some meat dishes. We get nems, a local variant of the Hoi An pancake, some spring rolls … It is all very good.



wp-image-1632670874jpg.jpgThen we are off to my favourite spot: a dark bar, with couches and singers doing an acoustic set. Afterwards we end with cocktails in a proper rock bar where this great band is playing.

The day after I have four bruises from squeezing the motorcycle. I made people smile when the saw the fear in my eyes. But it was worth it!

Do you want to discover more about Vietnam? Read what we did.


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