Vietnam: Hue, an imperial city

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From Hanoi we flew to Hue in the centre of Vietnam. Hue used to be the city of the emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty.The Perfume River runs through the city. Flowers used to give the river a lovely scent. That was the reason the concubines of the emperor would bathe here.


Hue sweet soup at Dong Ba market


122_sweetsoupFirst stop was Dong Ba market, one of the many markets we visited in Vietnam. There we tried a local specialty called Che or Hue sweet soup. It’s made from corn, lotus seeds or mung beans or another vegetable or fruit, condensed milk and jelly. If you like sweet, you have to try this.

Forbidden city


The most impressive thing in Hue is the Imperial Citadel. The Nguyen dynasty ruled here from 1802 till 1945.


Parts of the citadel have been restored, others are still in ruins. You enter via the impressive Noon Gate which gives you a view on the palace. I especially loved the roof and all the lovely yellow tiles. Yellow was the colour of the emperor.

Sometimes I felt as if I entered Game of Thrones. I guess all the dragons had something to do with that feeling.


I loved the different gates to all the parts of the city. Then we went to the place with the Nine Dynastic Urns, but we weren’t allowed to take pictures there.


Tu Duc Tomb


The former summer residence of emperor Tu Duc. Back in the day the summer residences were turned into a tomb.


Those who built the actual tomb, were killed. the tombs had all kinds of traps to prevent thieves from breaking in.



I loved this rice flower  and shrimp cake. We tried different kinds: Banh Beo, Banh Nam, Banh Loc and Banh Uot.


Saigon Morin

We stayed in the Saigon Morin Hotel. Great breakfast, lovely swimming pool, very good location! And they put a Vietnamese bedtime story on your pillow!


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