I had high expectations, and was afraid I would be disappointed. Yet Halong Bay was just stunning.

Halong Bay is famous for its limestone rocks and emerald waters, and attracts a lot of tourists. We were lucky our Dragon Legend went a bit off the beaten path.


We got welcomed with the most lovely ginger-lemon ice tea ever. Our guide gave us the necessary safety instructions before we had a six-course lunch.

Fishermen village

86a_binnzkijkzn86_binnenkijkenThen it was time for a little trip. Most people kayaked to the beach, but Kristof and I took the boat. We saw fishermen villages which made me a bit sad. They are always on their boats and are really poor.


Their children don’t go to school, even though they’re obliged to. So it’s very hard to break this cycle of poverty.


These villages and the cruise boats used to make the water really dirty, but the cruise ships have embarked on waste management programs. They collect the waste of the villages and bring it back to the mainland.

The beach

During our trip to the beach we enjoyed the rugged lime stones and their fascinating shapes.


Swimming in paradise:


In the evening we got a lovely sunset and a great dinner. The cooks showed us both their food carving and their musical skills. They surprised us with a gig with tradional instruments.


In the morning we visited a cave. My god, I think I never sweated as much in my life. The camera had the same problem, so I don’t have a decent picture of it, just from the view.


Upon returning we had some proper rain.


Do you want to discover more about Vietnam? Read what we did.

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