One of my favourite stops during our Vietnam trip was our visit to Mr Viet in a village called Tho Ha. This was the real Vietnam: a small village, tiny alleys, friendly people and the local kids playing football in the local temple’s garden.


First we had to cross a (dirty?) river to get the village. On the other side a man with the most charming smile was waiting for us. He led us through the narrow streets of this former terracotta village to his house. As the terracotta didn’t make enough money, the village turned to making rice paper.


Some people use a machine, but Mrs. Viet still does it by hand. We could try – Kristof was better at it than I was, so I can tell you: it’s hard. Especially the last part: to get it on the rack: do not underestimate that!


Inside we could taste some rice wine and tea. I loved their family house, which had been inhabited by three generations. Then Mr Viet played some lovely music for us on traditional instruments.


Afterwards Mr Viet took us to the pagoda where women were praying.The had a really nice shrine, which had been damaged by floods. Apparently a Belgian town was collecting money to do the restaurantion. It’s a small world after all.



In the yard we were watching a lot of little boys playing football. one of them was wearing a Hazard shirt. It was a very relaxing afternoon and a lovely way to end our time in the north of Vietnam.


Do you want to discover more about Vietnam? Read what we did.

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