“Veerle, what should I definitely do in Iceland?” I get the question all the time as it is no secret that I lost my heart in Iceland. So I decided to give you an overview of all the blogposts I did about about Iceland here.

In 2002 I studied a few months at Háskóla Íslands, the University of Iceland, which was the beginning of this long-lasting love affair. I have returned many times ever since. I need it. It’s the only place where I can fully recharge my batteries. And after all: one trip a year to the Land of the Nice is cheaper than seeing a shrink.


If you fancy travelling there, please take the Golden Circle: Thingvellir, Gulfoss and Geysir. Those places are amazing! But for those who have more time at their hands, here are my recommendations.

Water everywhere

Lovely Mývatn

Hidden gems


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